Is there a place online to find old episodes of the Daily Show?
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Where can I find an old Daily Show episode online?

A friend of mine was on the Daily Show on October 31, 2002. It was an episode where a reporter knocked on the doors of a bunch of the embassies in DC and tried to go trick-or-treating at them. I had TiVoed it for him and put it on a DVD, but the DVD has gone missing and I deleted it off of the TiVo. Anyone know if it is out there on the web somewhere? I can't find it.
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TvTorrents has a fair amount, but they don't go back to 2002.

Check out other torrent sites though (torrentspy, torrentz, torrent-finder). You might get lucky.
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Try IRC there might be a channel dedicated to archiving episodes.
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Also, the blog "onegoodmove" has a lot of clips of the the dauly show (it's liberal media-centric), you may find it there, not sure if it goes back that far.

Alternatively, I know that with real news shows, you can always order a tape if you know which show you want, so you may try that...
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Go to, and make sure you have a Bittorent client downloaded. They have almost all of them.
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