Portland, OR charities that pick up?
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Are there charities in Portland, OR that will come pick stuff up?

I have a couple heavy (300-ish pounds) items (an old TV and various accessories) that I want to give to a charity, and I have no easy way to get them out of my house. Are there charities in the Portland metro area that will come get things?
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Yes, the Arc of Portland is the one we always used.
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Not a charity, but FreeCycle has a Portland group -- advertise your items for free, and grateful locals will take them off your hands.
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We've used both The Arc and Volunteers of America in the past.
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Goodwill and the Salvation Army will make pickups, but they're not in the garbage removal business; they only want things they can resell.
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Check with your local chapter of Disabled American Veterans.

8725 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, Oregon
(503) 255-6002
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