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How do I buy an engagement ring with a Canadian diamond in the UK?

We are in London, and my girlfriend is from the true north strong and free. (Oh, OK then. Toronto.) Can anybody recommend an online or reality-based jewellers' that could source a Canadian diamond for us and create an engagement ring?

Or would it be a better idea to buy it in T.O. and take it home?

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include('explanation of why we want a diamond at all');

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Well, there are lots of places online that sell them. I have heard good things about polar bear diamond but have never bought anything from them. Just make sure you do your research before you buy. One place I found insanely useful when buying an engagement ring were these forums. Good place to not only ask questions about diamonds, but diamond dealers as well.

As for the other things. Canadian diamonds because they are not part of the whole DeBeers cartel and thus do not carry the stigma of horrible human rights along with them.

As for if you want a diamond, that is pretty much just whatever you, or rather, your wife-to-be likes. There are many other stones out there just as expensive, beautiful and rare (though diamonds aren't really that rare) as diamonds. If there is a question about actual stones, look online and at stores for something that you both might like more than a diamond. While a diamond is the traditional stone, it is certainly not the only one (rubies, emeralds, tanzanite, etc).
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Chris-- many thanks.

Just to clarify for future responders, my include(); statements were just my way of not explaining the reasons behind our decision, because they will bore everybody and they're not strictly relevant to the question I'm asking. But I'm greatful for your links nonetheless.
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Be aware that if you have it sent to the UK, or if you bring it into the UK and it cost more than £145 (which I am assuming it will) you'll have to pay Duty and VAT on it.

Unless you go to TO and get engaged there and your fiancée wears the ring on the way home and you mail all the paperwork relating to the purchase from Toronto to your home in England so you're not carrying it on your way through Heathrow ;-)
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One of the jewelry chains in the U.S. actually has Canadian diamonds in the store, I saw them yesterday. I think it was Ultra. That's no help to you in London, but I'm thinking it might be worth calliing around to the big jewelry stores/chains, in the U.K. and just asking. It would be cheaper than air flight to Canada, and you might get lucky, or somebody might offer to order one for you.
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Posting to my own question three months after, in case somebody comes across this thread -- Cred in Chichester, West Sussex, will supply the Polar Bear diamonds. Thanks eveyone...
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Canadian diamonds are not conflict diamonds but deBeers still own a significant stake in the mines there. So you're still funding the problem :(
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