How to get individual (permalinks) to work in Wordpress?
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WordPress Filter: I've set up my wordpress site in a hosted enviroment (SSH access, FTP OK, etc). I had it running as while the domain was resolving, then recently I switched it over to just Now, the main blog comes up, but no indiviual pages. As usual, there is

I've checked my .httaccess and as near as I can tell it's ok (I can include it if it would help anyone, it's pretty basic). For some reason, no matter what I set permisions to, Wordpress can't write to the .httaccess (even with 777, let alone 666, or better, 664!). I don't know if that would matter, because I think I just put what it tells me to into the .httaccess manualy.

Beyond that, I can't imagine what could be wrong. Is there anyone who can tell me?

Thanks! If need be, I may be able to give out temp. FTP access. Oh, and the host is, if'n it matters.
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Best answer: What is your permalink structure like? Do you use messy (?id=3) or clean (e.g. /articles/23/title-of-the-article)? I have a feeling that it is indeed an .htaccess problem. Try deleting your .htaccess completely and resetting to messy style and see if it works.
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Response by poster: Sweet. Going back to messy ones did the trick. Now, for bonus points, how do I get the pretty ones to work? Or, to rephrase it, why did it work (I'm pretty new to this web stuff)?
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Best answer: I have an NFS-hosted WP blog running with the rewrite rules working fine.

One thing I noticed in your post is that you wrote .httaccess but the file should actually be .htaccess (only one t). Check the spelling of the filename, because that would definitely cause the problem.

Another option is that it could be the result of a problem based on the way that NFS resolves hostnames without the "www" -- here's the relevant bit of the FAQ.
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What happens if you just change the settings back to the pretty ones (which are excellent for search engine optimization, aside from its elegance)? Wordpress should regenerate the .htaccess file, hopefully with proper settings for the new domain.
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Response by poster: Nope. No go, sadly. It gives me a 404, with no new .httaccess... wait, should it be .htaccess, or .httaccess?
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Response by poster: Ok, yep. I'll look into that VERY shortly.
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Response by poster: Bingo. The rename did it. Sorry! Thanks!
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Response by poster: Thank you all SO much, I can't tell you folks how much I appreciate all this help. Thanks again!
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