A concatenated and transportable list of bookmarks
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I have four browsers and want one portable list of bookmarks

This was almost addressed here and here - but neither of these discussion threads quite answer my current situation.

I run IE, Opera, Firefox and Flock on one machine at home for four non-concurrent interests (work, photography, outdoors, a shared schedule) and have accumulated scads of bookmarks on each of these browsers over the years.

I am keeping these browsers and interests separate so that I am not distracted by "the other three" when I am at work. This approach helps keep me focused on the task at hand.

How do I easily concatenate the bookmarks into a master list at the end of a month? I would like to continue keeping each browser's bookmarks' list independent of the interests contained in the other three browsers.

I would then use this master list of bookmarks on one browser on another machine (say, my laptop) where the segregation of bookmarks is not important. Keeping the bookmarks in their respective folders is not important either - it can be one long list of bookmarks, I don't mind.
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why not just use four profiles in Firefox (or Flock, ..)? either way, I think most of those generate bookmarks as HTML page(s) so you could just copy/paste. if you use FF and multiple profiles, you can definitely do this, or just export x 4 -> import to a fifth profile/del.icio.us, etc.
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there's an extension for Firefox (Bookmark Sync and Sort) that'll upload your bookmarks to a server in a standardized format. I started using it mainly because I was using FF on Windows and Safari on the Macs, and the .mac thing has bookmark syncing in it and I wanted FF to join in. there might be similar extensions for the other 3.
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I keep my bookmarks in a directory on my desktop. Bookmarks in that directory can be dragged-and-dropped into any browser.
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I just have a manually typed HTM file kept locally (or uploaded to the web) that I edit and keep as my default for each browser home page.
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I use myhq.
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Post whatever you bookmark to del.icio.us as your master list. Access del.icio.us from whatever machine you don't need segregation on, or while you're away from your PCs.
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Following up on that, you could import all of the bookmarks into del.icio.us every month, including a special tag for each interest/browser. That way you could have all of them together at del/username, and each interest's bookmarks at del/username/interest.
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in the same vein as del.icio.us you can customize your Google home page and it allows you to input links as well. And there is also the Yahoo Toolbar which has a bookmark function. I know it works with Explorer and Firefox.
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I agree, a 'real' home page that you maintain is a good way to go. I use two machines and Firefox is my main browser, and I've recently discovered the Foxmarks extension to keep the same set of bookmarks in sync, in Firefox, on the two machines. I love it.
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I'll have to add Simpy to the list. It's never let me down and has a metric tonne of features.
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Along the same lines as del.icio.us but a nicer interface and integrates well with firefox.
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