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I know someone who wants to become an independent professional photographer (of the wedding photo / portrait variety). I want to give this person a book that will teach them how to be independent professional photographer as a gift. Something that will give them some insight into aspects of the job beyond having a keen eye and talent. Can you recommend something?
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There are so many books about photography, but so few that are actually useful.

Because every photographer should own these:
The Camera
The Negative
The Print

Because you have to make your photos unique to stand out:
Photography and the Art of Seeing

Because you must learn how to pose people quickly and effortlessly:
Master Lighting Guide for Portrait Photographers
Posing for Portrait Photography: A Head-to-Toe Guide

Because your friend will be spending countless hours behind the computer screen:
The Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers

Because you have to master light to master photography:
Understanding Exposure
Light: Science and Magic
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Give them books on how to run a successful small business. Most small businesses fail due to mismanagement. Something like this, for instance.
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Here's a book filled with nothing but legal forms for the professional photographer. Here are some good examples to start off with (I suppose you could print them up and bind them for a real DIY gift).
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Assuming this person already has a high level knowledge of photography, you will probably be best off getting a book detailing the specifics of the business side of photography. Stick with books found with an Amazon search of "wedding photography business" such as How to Create a High Profit Photography Business in Any Market.

Civil_Disobedient, your last link is broke...
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Really? I just clicked on it to check and it worked fine.

Link to book:
ISBN: 158115206X

Link to site: link:
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