How can I figure out what that DJ is sampling?
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I am trying to find a comprehensive list of all the samples (both music and film) on Wax Tailor's new album, Tales of the Forgotten Melodies. What resources are available online to help me obtain this?

Tunatic will help me to identify songs by beat, but this is inconsistent in a mashup. I could do google searches for each individual song, but if somebody's already done this, no use duplicating.
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Wax Tailor has a myspace account - email him and ask.
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There's only one track off the album I know, namely Que Sera, which is not far removed from genius. I suppose it's sampled from Doris Day's Que Sera, but I have the feeling that you already knew that.

Anyway, to be at least a little relevant to your question, there's a sample database at Ishkur's (unfortunately it doesn't list any Wax Tailor tracks, though, but the reference might come in handy for other searches of that type).
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