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So I asked this question about writing software more than a year ago. I finally decided on Copy Write. Now I need hints, tips, or any tutorial you can point me to.

I use Linux on a daily basis but I'm fairly comfortable with the Mac -- just not comfortable enough to feel like I'm doing everything the software is able to do. So even if it seems like a dumb thing, feel free to tell me about it, because I probably don't know.
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Now I need hints, tips, or any tutorial you can point me to.

Why? It's a program for writing, you don't need to know it backwards and forwards, just write.

Just write.
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There really isn't much to CopyWrite. If you want to get the most of it, play with the categories - set them up to what you need. Poke around the options and make sure it's set up just the way you want it, and Full Screen mode is your friend.

Makes me want to get back to work on MY novel now.
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It took you a year to choose the app? This sounds so very much like sharpening all your pencils twice and tidying the flat before getting going. There's really not that much to CopyWrite: it's just some wrapping around a text box.

So, er, type into it. Go on.
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Did you read the help section? It explains everything there is to know about it. It's a simple app. I bought it two weeks ago and am pretty sure I can do everything with it it was intended to do.

The only thing I think is undocumented is that apple-option-F toggles between Full Screen and regular mode. (Manual only lists it for entering FS mode).
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Response by poster: Heh. I've been using NeoOffice the whole time -- I wasn't just paralyzed with fear or anything. I figured I was just finally ready for an upgrade.

Thanks, though.
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