Fingernail & Toenail Damage & Repair
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Fingernail and toenail questions: I've had a split fingernail for over five years and thirty years ago I lost a toenail and since then it's grown back as thick and stubby. Anything that can be done for these?

I have a pinky fingernail that for over five years has been growing with a split in it, starting at its base. It doesn't really bother me except when the nail gets too long and I snag one of the sides of the nail on something. I have no idea what caused the initial splitting.

I have tried to repair it by putting drops superglue at the nail base every few days. That didn't work, but maybe I didn't keep it up long enough. Any other ways to fix it?

For the toenail (on an "index" toe) I lost it thirty years ago back in junior high school. Since then it has grown very thick, stubby and ugly. It's not a big deal, the main annoyance with it is the difficulty in trimming it. Is there anyway the toenail can be restored to its original condition?
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Crap! I've got the same problem with my left thumb, but not as severe. Mine will split at the tip and then can (painfully, I'm sure you'll agree!) snag on something, a towel, pants pocket, anything basically.

What works for me: aggressive filing across the entire surface and especially at the tip, followed up by clear nail polish to smooth over the crack. It can't catch on anything that way.

A nurse I dated told me that I could have the nail removed and it might grow back healthier, but no guarantees. This was years ago, and she wasn't a specialist so take that idea for what it's worth.
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This may help you learn about your nail condition.

As well as this.
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I was considering asking a similar question myself. I have two nails with the split up the middle. In one case, the two sides have grown back together forming a sharp angle rather than a normal curve. This produces a sharp point at the end which tends to snag on things. The other one just keeps chipping all along the split from end to end.

In addition I have another nail which peeled back from the underlying skin and now seems to be permanently separated - connecting to the finger only at the very base.

I sort of know how the problem started (a bad habit of chewing on my nails along with naturally brittle nails). I've cut way back on the nail-chewing, so I'm no longer making the problem worse. Now I want to know how I can get the darn things to heal!
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for your fingernail: go to your local salon and ask for an expert manicurist and gel. not gel wraps or acrylic, but gel overlay. it's basically nail-polish-on-crack that they paint over your existing, broken nail. it grows-out with your own nail and doesn't damage the existing nail at all. one nail should be about $15 USD (two hands new should be about $130), and then your "fills" each subsequent time should be about $5 or $6.

i have no idea what to do with your toenail.
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For the toenail, if it is in fact a fungal infection, show it to your doctor and ask him about Penlac. It's quite expensive, and considered 'cosmetic' so your insurance will only cover it if you're very lucky.
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My insurance covered it only after lab tests of toenails cuttings, and with a high co-pay, but they did pay. It's great stuff.
That toenail does sound like you might have a fungus, it's probably worth showing it to the Toenail Fungus Doctor.
Apparently, (according to some magazine in the office put out by the group of doctors I was seeing) once a toenail is damaged, it's prone to fungus. I dropped a can of pop on mine, split the damn thing to the root, pasted it together until it grew out with silk wrap and some kind of epoxy goop for a year. It healed fine, grew back in one piece, and then came down with creeping crud a year later.
In my case, it's going to take about two bottles of the stuff to clear one big toenail, if that will help you budget.
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I'm with the fungi-people.
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