Help me Calibrate my 3D card and Monitor!
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Is there a program/website I can use to calibrate the color settings on my monitor through my 3D Card's settings?

I have a Radeon X850 attached to a big fat 19 inch CRT. The problem is, The CRT colors are usually quite dark and I can't really find the right balance of colors through trial and error. Does anyone know of any type of online reference that I can use to adjust the colors/brightness so that they match what they should be?
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I use "Nokia Monitor Test" when I need to tweak my monitor. You'll have to adjust the colors "by eye" of course, but the test patterns dished out by this freeware utility will make that quite easy to do.
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I always start with these brightness and contrast setting instructions.
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If you have Photoshop (long shot, I know) it comes with a little utility program to set the gamma and other calibration-related settings.
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There is software specifically for this, it's called DisplayMate.
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