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Please help me find comfortable undershirts. I searched previous entries on metafilter, but had no luck

I need to find new undershirts. Till now, I have been wearing Jockey undershirts that I purchased many years ago. Needless to say, they have become dingy and threadbare. I bought new jockeys (tag-less, my originals have tags) and they seem to have changed their design quite a bit -- for the worse. What I like most about the originals it that the collar was and continues to be quits snug around the neck, a feature the new ones sorely lack. I have tried other shirts form Hanes, fruit of the loom, and stafford, but they all fall short. I would love it if I could find the original style for sale somewhere. Please help, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Based on esponses to this question I posted last year, I got hooked on Hanes Premium t-shirts.
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If you got cash to burn, BananaRepublic makes great t-shirts that are snug, soft, and last a very long time. The stretch cotton is great for the winter when you wear a few layers while the normal shirt is great for wearing under button-down shirts, polos, etc.
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it's the only thing i'll ever buy with a ck logo on it, but calvin klein undershirts are comfy and last a long time. buy in bulk online.
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I'm currently wearing Hanes Premium Tagless. They are OK, particularly for the price when you find them on sale. I loved my pre-tagless Jockey t-shirts, too, and, like you, prefer t-shirts be and stay snug around the neck. This last batch of Hanes has been doing well, so far. The last Calvin Klein t-shirts I bought were very nice and lasted well, but definitely an investment, since I like to have at least a dozen t-shirts.
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The CK undershirts I bought once I found to be very nice, except they were on the short side, and would easily come untucked under whatever I was wearing on top. I like a nice long undershirt to keep tucked way down in my pants. I'm 6'0", so if you're around my height, maybe try out one pack before you buy a bunch.

I have found the Hanes Premiums to be really good. You can get them at Target 3 for $11 approximately. I prefer to toss them out and buy new ones when they inevitably get really yellow in the armpits. That's why I don't go for more expensive stuff.
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I went to Costco and bought a whole boat-load of their Kirkland brand undershirts, and I love them. Super cheap, and they work great.
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I use a house brand sold by Macy's called "Alfani". They go really well with dress shirts, fit snugly around the chest, and are cut longer, so there's enough material to tuck into my pants.
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I like the ones from Footlocker. I can get 5 for $20 in the New York City area.
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Response by poster: These are all great suggestions. I had no idea there was such a vast world of undershirts available. I will have to try all these suggestions. Time to break the bank.
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Best answer: IMO, the best undershirts around are the 556 brand from Brooks Brothers. If you are near a BB outlet they will probably be a little cheaper there, but still comparable in price to the Banana Republic ones.
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My husband recently discovered underarmor undershirts, available at sporting good stores. They aren't cheap ($40 apiece for the most expensive kind, $20 for the others) but apparently they have magical microfiber sweat-wicking properties and keep you much cooler than regular shirts. It's hot and sticky here in VA so he's been wearing pricey undershirts under regular shirts that he got for free at conferences. Go figure.
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Response by poster: I just went to Foot Locker and Brooks Brothers. Looks like BB are the best, soft and tight around the neck.

Thanks all. Great help.
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Thanks for the followup Ezrie. I was looking for tee's with exactly the same requirements.
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