Examples of good design company websites.
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I'm looking for similar design (and allied trades) company websites to Coudal Partners. When I say similar I mean a site that is constantly updated with interesting content which makes visitors want to return. Bonus points for UK-based companies. (Coudal's copy can be a bit 'Wow! Gee!' sometimes.)

Too many design companies throw up a tiny, bland Flash page that does nothing more than act like an interactive advertisement -- boring! The trouble is convincing designers & their bosses that a 'proper' website is a better advert for their services so I need lots of good examples. Any links to studies & articles supporting this would be very helpful (e.g. the 43Folders 'Five Mistakes Band & Label Sites Make' article.) Feel free to add in some favourite horrors too!
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The obvious: 37 Signals and their excellent Signal vs Noise blog.
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I think you'll find many good examples among members of the 9 Rules network (browse the Design section); Forty Media is one of my favorites. Their articles are widely linked and circulated on design-oriented blogs, including Metafilter -- like the recent piece about Top 10 Stock Photography Cliches.
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Vivabit's site kicks arse. Particularly the /bollocks section.
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