I want a new phone charm!
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Where can I order those little mobile phone charms online?

I've got one that's a metal piglet with a big purple glass jewel and six little Asian cord knots in three shades of pink. All I can find around here (Scotland) are the Tigger/Piglet/Pooh/Mickey/etc ones and the shoe and purse ones. Is there a website that's got a wide selection and ships to the UK? English-language sites preferred.
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My favorite site is Strapya. (If you don't click that link and decide to type in the address yourself, don't forget the top.htm on the end or you'll get the Japanese version of the site!) They have Engrish issues but I have ordered from them several times with no problems. Once, a charm I ordered arrived broken; they sent me a new one and didn't make me send back the broken one! Now that's customer service!
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I get a lot of stuff from CellPhoneShop. Always been happy with their service.
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I'd also give Etsy a try.

(I've got a few charms in the making but haven't put them online at Etsy yet. I need to take some better pics. :-)

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