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Does anybody know where I can get a full version of the Nas song The Curse? Or better versions of Just Another Day In Projects and Nas Will Prevail?

As far as I know, none of these were officially released, but they are great songs.

Unfortunately, my version of The Curse fades out at about 1:20, along with every other copy I've ever come across.

My versions of Just Another Day in the Projects and Nas Will Prevail are very poor.

Does anybody know where I can get better copies of these tracks? On old mixtapes, etc?

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I really think that a clearinghouse of unreleased rap gems would be a great find. Googling for such things gets you nowhere. Nas + "the curse" brings up a million hits related to his beef with Jay-Z and The Gift & The Curse off of Blueprint 2. Sorry I can't help with a real answer, but I fully understand the frustration and I'm curious if anyone is going to have good answers (ie. the IMDB of mixtape/remix/unreleased versions of hip-hop songs). I'd always hoped that iTunes or something like that would solve this problem, but it definitely hasn't...

I'm looking for the unedited version of DMX's Slippin' which I have an awful sounding mp3 of that was clearly "ripped" from vinyl, and an extended mixtape release of N.W.A.'s Fuck tha Police that I heard only once at a house party circa 1991. I'd happily pay for either in a quasi legit or better release...

Oh, also.
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This is more buying you the fish than teaching you how to fish (hah), but I have fairly good copies of the latter two I can email you. I don't know if you're one of those incredibly picky people who vomit if you hear anything under a 256 bitrate though, the ones I have are 160/192 or so. They're okay to me. My copy of The Curse is also only 1:20, unfortunately. I'll email you the links.
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I just sent an Oink invite to the account in your profile. A fan of Nas is a friend of mine. Be sure to read the rules.
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