Are my Nads working properly?
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Ok, here's the situation. Ever since puberty, during sexual activity, I've only ever experienced pleasure from one testicle. I have both testicles, but only my left one seems to function. Whether it be stroking/rubbing during foreplay, or upon ejaculation, all the pleasure seems to emanate from leftie.

My right one is physically larger but generates no pleasure and some discomfort with pretty much any contact. My sperm is working fine i.e., I'm able to impregnate.
Things I'd like to know: Is this normal/common? When other men ejaculate do they get a double-barrelled pleasure? If so, does one ball shoot and then the other one, is there a long delay or is it simultaneous? Can you come with one nut and the the other later on, or is it always a combined effort? Can something like this be reversed? Should I be more concerned about my non-functioning one with regards to developing cancer etc. later in life?
Could'nt find anything on the web related to this and a female GP I asked some years ago didn't seem to know.
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the most dreaded AskMe answer: see a doctor. go to a male if you're more comfortable with it. medicine changes daily, and not every doctor can know everything.
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The discomfort with any contact is a bit worrisome. You should probably get that checked out.

My sperm is working fine i.e., I'm able to impregnate.

You can still impregnate with only one functioning testicle, so just because you can impregnate, don't assume all is well with, um, rightie.

By the way, the amount of testicle synonyms you managed to work into one post is pretty impressive.
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When other men ejaculate do they get a double-barrelled pleasure?

I've never considered my balls to be the epicenter of orgasmic pleasure, actually. I'm happy to have those fellas along, sure, but the Wow seems to located in the cock and nearby muscles.
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I don't think I've every noticed any internal-testicular pleasure...and semen isn't actually stored I don't know what to tell you.
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When other men ejaculate do they get a double-barrelled pleasure?

Truthfully, before this question I had never even considered the idea -- the best I can tell you is that I've never noticed whether there is more sensation in one or the other, and like cortex don't really think that's where the sensation is anyway. i'll have to second the doc recommendation.
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I'll third cortex & andifsohow. Never really occurred to me to think at all about experiencing pleasure with those guys. Sounds like you might be one-up on some of us, Mr. Anon.

The discomfort, though, that might be worth checking out with some sort of licensed professional.
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I don't think men ejaculate from the balls...I've never gotten pleasure from the balls either.

AFAIK, but IANAD; the testicles just produce sperm, and the sperm is stored elsewhere...and it's the "elsewhere" that sperm comes out of when you orgasm.
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While the boys like to get played with, I've also never felt pleasure from them.

140th-ing the doctor recommendation.
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Considering that one is bigger and you feel your shooting single barrel, you might have a twisted vas deferense or whatever that's called (possibly why you've noticed and no one else has).

A typical male always shoots with both barrels simultaneously. This doesn't sound life threatening, but see a doc anyway.
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I don't feel any pleasure from my balls at all. It's all in the dick. Also, dude... your balls don't "shoot", they just generate the sperm. Your prostate provides the semen, the actual fluid, and penile spasm does the "shooting".

What the hell are they teaching you kids at school these days? :-)
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It sounds to me like you are in your early 20s. If so, you are at exactly the right age for testicular cancer. It is very common to see one-sided enlargement with cancer.
I have dated no less than two men who had exactly these symptoms and they were both ultimately diagnosed. One of them was diagnosed only after he physically collapsed because the tumor was throwing off blood clots which ended causing a pulminary embollism (as in, he could not breathe at all).

You absolutely should get checked.
Right now. Do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred dollars. Go directly to the doctor.

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The vast majority of men have one testicle larger than the other, although most often it's the left one.

One testicle larger than the other does not necessarily indicate cancer - the best "self check" is to roll your balls between your fingers and check for bumps on the teste.

Also, colour be gobsmacked that you primarily feel orgasm in your balls. As other have said, you appear to be ahead of us all in this regard.
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Nthe doctor recommendation. Like, call first thing in the morning. This is not something to be taken lightly.

Meantime, when was the last time you performed a self-exam?

If you find a lump near (but not necessarily on, typically on top or behind) the testicle, you may also want to research epididymitis. The "pretty much any contact" comment suggested the possibility to me...It can particularly painful, even when nothing comes in contact. I can tell you all about about this one. Also googling hydrocele may be useful.

Is it maybe your scrotum you're talking about getting pleasure from? Because I have to agree that I've never felt any kind of pleasure from either one..they're just kinda there (unless they get hurt).
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One more insistent, GO SEE THE DOC.
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