Two sided jigsaw puzzle with numbered code
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Puzzle Filter: Looking for any information about a puzzle I saw in the late 70's (?). As a kid I saw an explanation of a jigsaw puzzle that was distributed in a velvet bag, on a TV show (That's Incredible! maybe, or 60 Minutes). The jigsaw pieces had a code written with numbers on both sides of the puzzle pieces (white numbers on black background?).

I seem to recall that there was a hefty reward for anyone who could solve this puzzle. I always considered this one of the toughest puzzles I had ever seen (I was elementary school aged at the time).
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Response by poster: For you youngsters that have not heard of That's Incredible!:'s_Incredible!
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Was it a tessellating puzzle? This is ringing a bell for me; seems like my mom had a tessellating jigsaw that came in a velvet bag with some sort of prize promised for solving it. I thought it had an image of gold coins on at least one side, though.
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There's the Eternity jigsaw puzzle that had a huge reward, but much later then what you're looking for. Perhaps tracing a history of the eternity puzzle will get you closer.
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This sort of thing is apparently called an "armchair treasure hunt" -- perhaps the proprietors of one of these sites can help you track it down.
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