Cheap airfare from here to anywhere?
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What good websites are there that will let me type in my location and see where I can go for cheap?

There are many websites for trying to find cheap itineraries from A to B, but seemingly far fewer that just tell you what your best options are for getting away from A.
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Site59 does that, but it's limited to travel that's happening over the next 3 weeks or so.
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There is Travelocity Dream Maps, where you plug in a starting city and it shows you various airfares.
posted by blue mustard at 2:53 AM on June 29, 2006 [1 favorite] does exactly this. Go to 'fare buzz'.
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Depending on where you are at the moment, you might find skyscanner useful.
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FareCast recently went into public beta; it predicts airfare prices and suggests when you should buy your ticket. It's limited to Boston and Seattle at the moment, but should have additional cities soon.
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Related - if you're in the UK, lets you "find the lowest UK petrol price in your area" (registration with throwaway email address required).
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Travelzoo lists its top 20 deals weekly. It's a sprinkling of airfare, cruise, and hotel deals but there's some real gems if you look carefully and read the fine print.
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