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I want to buy a book of Alex Grey's book, what's the best "first book" to buy?
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It's hard for me to offer an opinion; no matter which you buy first, you will love it and still regret not having the others.

I was given "Sacred Mirrors" as a gift and have been to his chapel several times to see the works in person. I think that "Transfigurations" is thicker, so that's pretty much the only clear advantage it has. "Sacred Mirrors" is mostly based on the works that comprise his chapel-- if you are interested in a more general survey of Grey's work, I guess I'd recommend "Transfigurations".
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I just bought "Transfigurations" and love it. It includes artwork from his entire life, including some dark performance/installation art pieces he did in his 20's. It's fascinating to see how he found his way out of the darkness and developed his signature style.
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Transfigurations is where I would start as well. I have both, but Transfigurations is really a broader collection and is really well produced.

His "Mission of Art" book (without illustrations) is also quite interesting, and not entirely full of crap, which is what I expect from just about any book that claims to define the mission of art.
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