I want to watch the Argentina vs. Germany match this Friday among Argentineans in Los Angeles
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I want to watch this Friday's (June 30, 2006) Argentina vs. Germany World Cup soccer match with other Argentineans in Los Angeles. Where can I do this?

My Mom's out of town, my Dad lives far away and I don't really know any other Argentineans. I don't really have very much money to spend on a special closed circuit viewing of the match. Is there an Argentine sports bar or place in Los Angeles that I can go watch the game at? I want to yell and celebrate with my people.
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There is an English pub in Santa Monica that usually has all the big games and draws the appropriate crowd. I can't remember the name of it right now.... Stagshead, maybe? It's right off the prom and it is about $20 to get in for most games.
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I'm afraid I have absolutely no idea where the Argentinean community in LA lives, but another option in Santa Monica is the Cock and Bull pub on Lincoln. Its more of a football-watching crowd than the King's Head (which fshgirl was trying to remember, above), but the King's Head serves better food, and is larger :)
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There is an English pub in Santa Monica that usually has all the big games and draws the appropriate crowd.

I don't know what you mean by "appropriate" but an English crowd is the last thing an Argentine supporter wants to be surrounded by for a soccer match. (Mano de dios, anyone?) I'd call the consulate; they should have some suggestions.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tip, languagehat. I called the Argentine Consulate in LA and asked. After the receptionist griped about how she'd be working during the game, she asked some others and found out that the Grand Casino Bakery on 3826 Main St. in Culver City is a good gathering place. I called them up at (310) 202-6969 and they said to arrive well before 8am (that's when the match begins out here) because the place gets packed for games.

I was expecting a bar setting, not a bakery, so I guess I'll order a big goopy glass of dulce de leche to even out my expectations and reality.

Now I should find some local German bars so I can rain sausages upon their patrons. All I can come up with is the Red Lion Tavern in Silver Lake.

Please, folks, if anyone has anything to suggest, feel free.
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