Believe it or not, this could be a life or death question
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What are some catchy, popular songs that have a tempo of about 100 beats per minute? Why is this health-related? That's why there's...

I help teach CPR (specifically ACLS and BLS for those in the know) at the medical school where I work. The latest (2005) American Heart Association guidelines specify a rate of 100 compressions/minute when doing CPR on all patients. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to do compressions while humming to the beat of a familiar song. One good choice is "Another One Bites The Dust"; however, given the emerging practice of having family members present during resuscitation, it might be inappropriate at times. "Onward Christian Soldiers" is another song with a similar tempo that might also be inappropriate at times. So what are some other songs with this tempo that people delivering CPR can use to pace their compressions? The best answers will find their way into our training. Thanks in advance.
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Something for everyone?
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"Quit Playing Games With My Heart" seems like a particularly apt choice from that list.
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Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?
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Bobby Brown's Every Little Step I Take
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see also
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Another Brick in the Wall -Pink Floyd
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I could be incorrect here, but I learned as The Marine Hymn ... you know, the "Halls of Montezuma" song, with the compressions on the downbeat.

From the HAlls of MONteZUuuu-MA to the SHores of TRIpoLI...
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That strikes me as a lot slower than 100 compressions per minute if you're only doing compressions on the downbeat, frogan.
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Maybe the version I was taught to sing is fast? Not quite two beats per second?

/me looks up CPR classes in area...
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Or maybe I don't know the Marine Hymn very well, which is always possible.
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I'm familiar with the Marine Hymn as a march. If you sing it at that speed, and do compressions on every beat (...tó the shóres óf Trí-pó-lí...), you wind up at 100 BPM.

The same thing works with most other marches. I find The Stars and Stripes Forever, a.k.a. "Be Kind to your Web-Footed Friends," to be very natural at 100 BPM.

(FWIW, there's an "online metronome" here that may be helpful. Checking a few tracks in my collection against it, I find that "Werewolves of London" is almost exactly 100 BPM, but I'm sure there are better matches out there.)
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Response by poster: Good work, everyone. I was hoping to come up with a wide range of respones and have not been disappointed. And frogan now wanting to learn CPR is a good bonus.
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Nelly the elephant is not only about 100 bpm but is also 15 beats and so is perfect for CPR (at least til the new guidelines come into effect!) I use it all the time when I'm teaching kids.
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