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Where does one find bands to hire for events? I'm talking about any type of band here, mariachi, swing, cover, etc. I'm looking to hire bands for my school's upcoming school year but since I'm not local to the area I'm having trouble. The school is in Trenton, NJ.
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I would get the Yellow Pages or search Yahoo! Local for "entertainment" in the area. You will probably get lots of results for DJs and other general entertainment companies that may work with assorted bands for events.
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Post an ad in the "gigs" section of your local Craigslist (CL).

Typically a lot of bands that either are starting out, or who are experienced but not quite selling out large venues, troll CL to look for gigs. I know quite a few musicians that do the same in the SoCal area and they get quite a few gigs through CL.

You might also want to post "wanted" flyers at the local Musicians Union. Musicians Unions in most cities serve as a kind of musical watering hole for players from various genres since they usually offer rehearsal facilities, and musicians in some non-rock genres (jazz, swing and the like) tend to refer gigs that they themselves might not be able to play to friends they think might be available or interested.

Good luck.
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Something like Gigmasters? Can't attest to the quality of the bands that register with them, but you can do searches for location, type of music, etc., and see what turns up.
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Ask someone at your school's radio station. :)
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Go to open mic nights and publicly advertised jam sessions, hang around and find out who plays with organized bands. And definitely cask the clerks at your local (preferably independently-owned) CD shop.
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You could also look on MySpace for bands in your area.
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