Any suggestions for a traveling laser printer?
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I need a small laser printer that I can ship repeated across the country. (needs to be laser, needs to have paper tray) Anyone have suggestions for a simple sturdy printer?

I have employees that travel to multiple locations around the US each week and they take a small laptop-based computer network with printers. Everything gets shipped via UPS is Pelican cases.

So I need a smallish printer that can take the repeated punishment of UPS handlers. We use the Brother HL-1440 printer now, and it works fine, but they don't make them anymore and I'm getting tired of buying used ones from eBay. I don't care as much about the brand, just want something sturdy.
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look at the various Samsung printers. Cheap enough to break a few if shi* happens
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I own an HP 4+ that I bought in 1993 and it still works like a champ. It's been through cross-country moves and on a palletized air freight move to/from Korea, has been bounced and jostled and who knows what. I think that would be one candidate right there if you can stomach one more eBay printer.
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Check out the Pentax Pocketjet
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crap..sorry..missed the paper tray part. They only have roll feeders for these.
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The HP 4+ printers are sturdy, but absurdly heavy. I don't know what your budget is, but I can't imagine UPS charging less than $50 to move that printer anywhere in the US (probably more like $100). Just something to consider...
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I've also had great success with the Brother HL-2070N. I don't know how it would ship, but it was great in my office and we beat the crap out if it regularly.

One important thing it doesn't have is anything that sticks out that could get broken off.
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Another vote for the Samsung printers; Dell sells their low-end model as the Dell Laser 1110 for $99; its the same thing I bought with a Samsung ML-2010 label at CompUSA for around $75 a few months ago. Toner/drum replacement units will run you around $50.
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If they're going repeatedly to a small number of places, it might make more sense to buy a printer for each and leave it there. If you're willing to settle for inkjet (instead of laser) you can get excellent printers for $150.
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I find the HP 1020 series to be a fine little laser printer than I can carry under one arm. Toner is very widely available, even as a generic. Drivers are good on the Mac, so presumably they work well in Windows.

I used to have the Brother 1440. The HP is very similar in size. I find the HP to be more reliable as well. (YMMV)
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Spelling problem: "a fine little laser printer THAT I can carry under one arm. "
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We have a small HP laserjet (I can't recall the exact number, but it is similar to the 1020) that has survived a few moves and works great. Simple, sturdy, never jams.
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I also have a brother (hl 2040) and it's cheap, no unmailable doo-hickies, and has a paper tray. Works printerifically. Plus, it's pretty damn small.
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I second or third or fourth the Samsung. My mother got one to replace an inkjet just before Christmas. It's small, inexpensive and appears pretty sturdy (she never moves it, so I can't speak to that), and it just works, which is exactly right for her.
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