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I reinstalled Win2K for business use at home. What utilities can I install that will help me manage & oversee system processes that get put on this computer over the next year or so? What's that program that allows me to run a Win2K "microwindow" to containerize suspicious freeware/spyware.. VMS or something like that... is that worth having or does it seriously slow down the system?

In short there's nothing more annoying than to start out with 15 processes early on, then months later have a bootup that trots out 30 processes. The worst part is I have no way of knowing what application put them there, and the naming of them is always cryptic.

My concerns are (A) possible undetected or undetectable malware and (B) performance. I'd like to keep a lean, clean OS.

Yes, I do run HijackThis regularly and avoid IE, but there's got to be a better way. I'd like to say "what the hell is this" in the task list and be told which application is responsible for it.
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containerize suspicious freeware/spyware
Sorry, Freudian slip, I guess. I meant "containerize suspicious freeware/shareware".
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You can try loading Windows into the free VMware Player. Here's how David Berlind of ZDNet protects his machine.

I hope this is not too spammy. I work for VMware.
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Some programs I've found useful to avoid nasties (beyond antivirus/antispyware software of course):

SandboxIE (despite the name, works with any program, not just IE)

Altiris SVS

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