Depersonaization disorder, dealing and living with
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For those who have experience with depersonalization disorder, what ways have you succesfully dealt with the disconnection and "un"reality that exists as part of this disorder?

I've seen a lot of information about the disorder itself, and have read information at some support group sites, but there are very few suggestions or strategies for dealing with the symptoms that don't involve walking around medicated. Additionally, what are some successful ways people have dealt with living with a person suffering from the disorder?
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Not the same disorder (autism) but perhaps related: Temple Grandin built a "hugging machine" that was two sheets of padded plywood between which she could squeeze herself, that she found to be effective for her.
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I asked a question recently about how life is more vivid after watching a movie, if you didn't see the thread you might find it helpful/interesting.
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It is often a distracton from anger. Have the person write down every time he is angry or good reasonable be angry.
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