Can I turn my blog into a book
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Can I turn my blog into a book or PDF document?

I found BlogBinders and gave it a run through. It appears to work but it doesn't do comments. Is there a similar service that would do comments as well?

I've to a WordPress blog and db access so I could export everything if needed. Perhaps just export and format and publish a PDF?

Any other suggestions?
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Blurb - Their Blog to Book service is in beta.
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If you can view all your posts, with comments expanded on one page then use a mac to do File>Print>PDF>Save as PDF
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I just published my first book on Lulu and love their service and set up like mad.

Here's a link to their Forums, where you can learn a bit more about them. They don't specifically have one for blogs, but it can give you another alternative if someone else in this thread doesn't come up with the perfect solution.
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A previous poster asked this question about her Movable Type blog. You might want to check the thread for suggestions.
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Do you own the rights to publish the comments? The person who makes the comment owns the copyright in it. Did you solicit their permission for future publication?

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