Benzodiazepines and sporting performance
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What effect (if any) do prescribed benzodiazepines have on sporting performance?

I've just been prescribed Clonazepam for a REM sleep disorder and I'm also a keen athlete. They're not on the banned list for my sport but I'm concerned that they may inhibit my performance in some way. Any other sporty types got any experience?
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in high school, one of my team mates -- an otherwise fantastic athlete -- couldn't handle the pressure before the big games and would get a terrible case of diarrhea right before playing, and once or twice almost literally shat his shorts. he had to take loads of Imodium but the cramps remained and his performance obviously suffered.

he started taking -- self-prescribed -- Valium and he had to work a bit on finding the right dose -- I seem to remember two pills made him too sluggish, I guess he had one or one and a half pills and ate some cookies with it.

YMMV, and back then -- innocent times, mid to late 80's -- we didn't have urine tests for performance enhancing drugs, so be careful and ask your team doctor
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I'm no athlete, but I take clonazepam and if anything, it's had a positive effect on my workout routine (mostly riding a stationary bike.)
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I'm not a competitive athlete but a recreational runner. I take Xanax (alprazolam) for generalized anxiety. It doesn't "slow me down" physically. It makes it much easier for me to stop worrying about whether I'm going too fast, too slow, whether my run is almost over or just started, etc. (I don't wear a watch or HRM.) In short, it does what it's supposed to: it helps me focus without obsessive worrying.
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