Song in new Mac vs PC ad?
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Does anyone have or know what song they play in the background of the new Mac vs PC ads? A link to the mp3 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Never seen the ad but the place to look for ad tunes is AdTunes.
posted by geekyguy at 9:02 PM on June 27, 2006

My best guess is that it was music created specificially for the "Get a Mac" series of ads -- it sounds similar to music in past Apple ads created by TBWA/Chiat/Day.
posted by jca at 9:22 PM on June 27, 2006

I believe the music was made by Mutato Muziko - Mark Motherbaugh's (of Devo) company.
posted by avgeeks at 7:33 AM on June 28, 2006

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