Motivation for summer semester
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How can I get motivated to do well in school during this summer semester?

I am 26 and have been going to school on and off (mostly on) for 8 years. I am still an undergradate. While my graduation is now in reach (8 classes to go!) I have been taking at least 9 credits for the past 9 semesters. Needless to say I am burnt out.

I thought about taking this summer off to catch myself and relax a bit. Ulitmately, though, I decided to keep going because frankly I have been at college long enough and I need to finish up.

The problem is I lack a lot of motivation this semester and am not putting in the time I need to in order to achieve at the level I am used to (I have a 3.6 GPA and would like to maintain at least that level).

My past couple of midterm I scored a C+ which is definitely sub par. Where can I find the motivation and strength to put in the time and energy to pull out a good grade (which will be difficult at this point)?

Would any of you recommend withdrawing and forfeiting my tuition for this semester? I am taking 3 classes... would it be wise to withdraw from my worst class or should I just suck it up and stick it out?
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Fake it.

No, I'm serious. Pretend as hard as you can that you care. Complain to your friends all the time how much work you do, how you never have time to play games or watch tv or hang out on the internet. Pretty soon, you WON'T have time for any of these, as you'll always be worrying about school. Furthermore, your friends will stop inviting you places, because they know you have Too Much To Do.

That's how I got through my long battle with senioritis.
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Maybe your credits are different than mine were, but it doesn't sound like a particularly onerous workload.

However, can you convince yourself to give one last hurrah and be done and over with the whole "school" thing so you can move on?

Set goals for yourself - make yourself commit to finishing X number of tasks; then reward yourself (hang with friends, go buy that shiney new toy you've been pining for, &c).

Don't study/work too long in a row. Take time off to go outside, or exercise, or just to watch a (*single*) episode of something funny on DVD.

Since it's summer and it's hot - is there anyplace you can study/work that is comfortable (clean, air conditioned)?
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My office is a great place to study, cool airconditioned and quiet after 6pm. The problem I am having is saying no to my friends when they want to go out. I have this careless attitude that I NEED to get rid of.
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my trick throughout college was to push myself very hard for the first part of the semester. And then, since I made a good impression on the teacher, knew the material quite well, and scored well on the midterm/first paper, I could coast through the rest.

I am not sure this really helps. But it might be easier to really motivate yourself for half summer semester than the whole thing. E.g., say, to yourself, I will push myself until such and such a date and after that I can coast.
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College graduates in the U.S. earn twice as much money as high school grads. Over the course of an average lifetime, it is a one million dollar difference. Does that help?
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it doesn't sound like a particularly onerous workload.

3 credits can be quite a bit in a summer session, especially if they have it split into two. The courses contain the same content they would in semester-length versions, but are compressed into as little as 5 weeks depending on the school.

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This is a good read, I believe.
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First,give a cold hearted friend a thousand dollars and tell him if you don't pass the classes on time, to give the thousand to a homeless crackhead.

Second, order some diet pills and the internet and take double dose until the classes are done.

Shouldn't be two hard
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Are you paying your tuition yourself?

Vito90 - undergrad - parents paid most of tuition = unmotivated

Vito90 - grad student - paid all of own tuition = highly motivated.

Not sure if this applies to you, but if you're getting help from another source that might be a factor.
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Thanks for your answers...

I am taking 9 credits, which is 3 classes. The workload is pretty heavy. Especially considering I am working 35 hours a week.

Yes, I am paying my own tuition. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to help me with my motivation problem.
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