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Looking for lyrics of the Siouxsie and the Banshees' song 'Metal Postcard'... the German version.

In 1979, Siouxsie and the Banshees released the song 'Metal Postcard' on their album The Scream. It was dedicated to John Heartfield, who created a picture called 'Hurrah, the butter is out', which showed a family eating iron. It was published on the frontpage of the 'Arbeiter Illustrierten Zeitung' (Workers Magazine Journal), in 1935. Heartfield (1891 - 1968) was an early member of Club Dada.

The image itself was based on a sentence from speech by Hermann Göring: 'Iron made a nation always strong, butter and lard only made the people fat.'

The English lyrics of the song are quite easy to find, but the band also recorded a German version, which was apparently released as a b-side.

I am looking for these German lyrics, for use in an upcoming theatre show.

An mp3 of the song would also be nifty, but my main interest is in the lyrics.
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Forgot to mention that the German title of the song was Mittageisen.
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Is this it at the bottom of the page? (Just ctrl+F mittageisen or mittagessen, it's maybe 25% of the way down.)
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You absolutely rock. That's it.
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It was included on the Downside Up box set, though the lyrics were not.

ook, controleer uw e-mail.
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