Hair dyeing on the road.
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Where do I go to get my hair dyed?

I'm looking to do something unnatural (starting with bright, primary colors type stuff, but I might end up trying some different things) with my hair color. This seems to be a DIY bleach-and-dye job, from what I've read and heard, but for various reasons I want to have it done by someone else - not least because I may be doing this on the road. For that same reason, the usual grooming advice of, "find someone whose hair you like and ask them where they had it done" doesn't fly here.

So how do I find a salon that will do my hair? I'm comfortable using Google Local, but do 'normal' hair salons tend to do unnatural colors, or do I need to find a specific type of salon? Bonus points if your suggestion will find me a place that doesn't cost insane amounts.
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Spiff, where are you? That'd help immensely. (i.e. fill out your profile...)
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I used to color my own hair unnatural colors a while back. I eventually made friends with a beauty school student and asked her about getting a permanent dye job done instead of the semi-permanent jobs I'd done up to that point. She insisted that no permanent dye existed for my desired colors (blue, bright red, green, purple) and that if you wanted a dye job like that you'd just need to buy the dye at sallys and give it to the hair stylist.

So I guess the point I'm trying to make is that from the info I got you just buy the dye and go to a salon and ask if they'll put it in for you.
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You could also try a beauty school. There were three of them in Portland, Oregon.

There are also usually a hipster salon or two that are used to weird requests. Bishop's Barbershop in Portland is another great example.

Here in Texas, I'm lucky to find a barbershop that can do anything but a high & tight military cut and a 'good boy' slicked down comb-to-the-side.
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yeah, beauty school students are usually dying to get heads to work on. Especially for weird stuff.
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SpecialK: like I said, I travel a lot. So my location is ... indeterminate.
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I haven't been able to find bright dye that will stay permanently, but a friend of a friend used carpet dye.

Toxic as hell, I suspect.
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In Seattle, Vain is one place that does punk styles, as well as Scream and Rudy's.
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I've gone to this one (semi-uppity) salon for a while to get my hair dyed and cut in strange ways. The only problem I've had with obtaining said hair dye is that if I ask them for a certain color, they have to order it and it takes a few weeks.

Maybe call ahead (if you know where you're going to be a week or so in advance) to a place where you think might be interesting and ask what kinds of colors they have in stock.

PS: If you end up near Gaithersburg, Maryland, Zoe's Salon and Spa in Lakeforest Mall is awesome. :)
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Toni & Guy salons are decent for eccentric dies. They can be pricey but they won't fry your hair. Most of the hairstyles have unusual looks themselves and it helps let your stylist know which looks you like in the room and which you don't. But mainly they like to experiment and will appreciate any client that's open to the unusual. I know they have lots of locations in Texas and the UK. Be specific when you go to the salon on how much you want to spend. They'll try to talk you into doing highlights on top of the die job. The tony & guy in Dublin tried to rip me off by having my hair cut the first day and then died the second day, normally they should include a hair style and trim as part of the hair dye process. Otherwise my visits to them have been great.
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Sperose: Gaithersburg is on my itinerary in a few weeks. Very impressive mind-reading!

Vionnett: good advice, but since I'm growing my hair out before I dye it, hopefully the haircut won't be an issue.
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Find a salon that has Goldwell ELUMEN haircolor, new technology, very durable pure bright colors
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