Webzines (besides Pitchfork) that cover underground music well?
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I read Pitchfork every day for their pretentious (yet current) album and single reviews, as well as their often well put together special editions (such as the current year-end edition). My question is this: are there any other webzines that cover underground music to the same extent that are worth a daily visit?
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I'm sure there are tons of others, but those are the ones I've currently got bookmarked.
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It's not a 'zine exactly, but I find a wide variety of good stuff at the Onion's A.V. Club.
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Tiny Mix Tapes is ok for indie rock news & the like.
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My old college roommate Jon Worley has been reviewing music for 12 years in his Aiding & Abetting, which started out as a paper zine. The site's kind of blah-looking, but the reviews are right-on, as he's cynical, dislikes puffery, and thumbs his nose at poser faker baloney. He's also not full of himself, is unformulaic, and plain-spoken. It's not daily, but weekly.
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perfect sound forever (infrequent but interesting)
Last Plane to Jakarta (some of the smartest criticism around)
largehearted boy (a good blog with links to reviews and MP3s)
the aquarius records new arrival list (has great capsule reviews)
The Village Voice's Pazz & Jop list is interesting too -- but the 03 edition is a while off yet.

...and a strong second to monju's links.
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Silent Uproar
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These are good for (mostly) electronic music:
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Is it just me or is something very wrong with the tinymixtapes layout? I looked at it in 2 browsers and it looked different but equally illegible in both. Never seen anything like that before.
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Earplug is good for electronic music
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Is it just me or is something very wrong with the tinymixtapes layout?

New (untested?) style sheet I think. I've looked at it in 4 different browsers and they all look like crap.
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If you're really into power pop, you'll likely rejoice at Fufkin.com. I check in about once every month or two to see what my ex-husband (one of the regular reviwers) is listening to these days. Hey, divorce or no, he's got good taste in music.
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