A great frozen drink.
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We are having a block party of sorts this weekend. What is a good frozen drink I can share with my neighbors? I'll do margarita's most likely, but want something a little different that's not gonna knock everyone on their ass to add to the mix.
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One of my favorite blender drinks is peppermint milkshakes: vanilla ice cream, peppermint schnapps, and some ice to thicken it up.

You can make a virgin version too - just replace the vanilla ice cream and peppermint schnapps with peppermint ice cream. Mmm...maybe I'll go make one right now...
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ice (half of blender)
frozen strawberries (8-9) (can substitute frozen peaches)
red bull (3/4 can)
vodka (go with your gut)
sugar (1 tablespoon)
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Bloody Marys Might work... at least for the morning after. People love the spicy-bev.
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Not quite frozen, but I had a rockin' cocktail the other week - mix champagne with pomegranate juice (I'd guess 2 parts champagne to 1 part juice), and rim the glass with rock candy. Delish.
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Any kind of fruit, blended with a ice and some rum, is good. You don't need a lot of rum to make a very flavorful drink. Spiced rum works even better. I like to use melons (watermelon, canteloupe, etc.) because they're more consistant for less money. If the fruit's not quite sweet enough, add a splash of triple sec or Grand Marnier or any other verysweet liquor of your choice.

In particular, canteloupe with some Cap't Morgans and just a splash of peach schnapps (enough to sweeten, not enough to peachify) will make you very popular.

On preview: I made watermelon mimosas last year, kalimac. Really works better if you strain the pulp from the juice as to not impede the fizzy. Mmm.
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Speaking of fizzy, whatever you make, consider throwing an ounce of selzer into each glass. Works great to liven up a lot of good summer drinks.
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Tequila sunrises are nice, tasty, and the alcohol proportion can be pretty low.
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Virgin frozen strawberry daquaris were always a hit at the parties when I was helping to run the alcohol alternative bar. Helps to have two blenders if you have a lot of folks on your block.
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I only have the knock you on your ass stuff.

Drunken Cowboy:

equal parts Bailey's, Kahlua and Southern blended with ice. 'tis yummy.
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ice + frozen lemonade concentrate + blue curacao + vodka + blender = yummmmmy (and blue!)
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orange julius + vodka is pretty damn good.
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Make a float with ice cream and prosecco or other sparkling wine. Peach or lemon ice cream are especially good.
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why not pina coladas? You can easily make good ones from scractch, and if the kids want N/A ones, you can just leave out the rum.

Go to the grocery store, get a big can of pinapple juice and a can of coconut cream. (usually in the liquor department with drink mixes.) mix juice and coconut cream. Mix 1 cup mix with 1 cup ice in blender till smooth. Add 1-1.5 shots rum if desired. I like spiced rum better than plain.m These are fairly filling, so you probably won't have to worry about anybody getting plowed on them.
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A frozen orange:

orange juice
half and half
stoli O- or any other citrus flavored vodka
and a splash of coconut rum

Blend it up with some Ice, it is light and delicious!!
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Captain Morgan added to a Coke Slushee is yummy.
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