24-hours to cancel flight to Nassau, Bahamas -should i do it?
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24-hours to cancel flight to Nassau, Bahamas -should i do it?

Desperate for some azure waters and strong sun.
Found a great deal to travel to Nassau and found and even better deal on lodgings only it's in downtown Nassau and I'm being advised by family to not do it as it's unsafe.

How bad is it really? Is it like walking alone down a dark alleyway at night? Or like what 42nd Street in NYC used to be back in the days? Is it as bad as being in Honduras with machete wielding locals and uzi carrying guards?

When traveling, I never wear jewelry - not even wedding band. I don't flash money or anything of the sort. If anything, I prefer to keep a low profile. Sheesh, all I want is to lie out on the beach! Is it that bad at night? There will be three of us traveling together.

I have 24 hours to cancel my flight - what do you think?
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Oh, and have a fun time!
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Where exactly downtown? The area around the port is safe enough during the daytime - the questionable people are way outnumbered by cruise ship tourists.

At night it is more sketchy, but when I was 17 I partied in downtown Nassau until 1am or so before going back to the cruise ship, and I lived to tell the tale. Use a cab for long distances off the beaten track, and don't walk around alone at night. Common sense will tell you what to do once you are there; I wouldn't cancel my trip if I were you.
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SpecialK is trying to be thorough with the State Department link, but state tends to exaggerate. Please read the first sentence of the "crime section" of the Canada article without laughing.

Then read Safety and Security in the UK to learn how you're definitely going to get blowed up by the terrorists if you go to Britain. And just thinking of going to Belize is death by crime!1!!!ONE!
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I don't really see the hysteria you're referencing on the Dept. of State page, Mayor Curley. If anything it's droning and matter-of-fact. Crime happens. Be careful. Yawn.

You'll be fine Jujee, just wear sunscreen.
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The nightlife in Nassau sucks anyways, you'd be better off having an early night and enjoying the place during the day. Unless you like Senor Frogs.

You will get a feel if you are in a safe place or not, just don't take any risks and stay in the touristy area. Oh yeah, it's not that far from downtown to paradise island, definately an affordable cab ride.
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