What can they read to help motivate the teens?
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A friend of mine is looking for suggestions of newsletters, videos, books, etc. that will help staff-members in a residential foster care program interact with their clients. The clients are 16-21 year old young men, that have been in and out of the foster care program. This material would preferably be in Spanish, would help motivate the teens, and/or would possibly discuss developmental issues. Any and all ideas are welcome.
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Best answer: Anything by SE Hinto would work in this situation. One of his translated works is La Ley De La Calle. He has a good take on late male adolescence and the books are straightforward enough and deal with issues that are common enough that they make for good growth and development discussion material.
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Response by poster: Thanks ptm! I know that was a tough request -- I appreciate you coming through. I've told my friend about SE Hinto, and she thinks he'll be a great addition to her recommendations.
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