Are there Xbox deals to be had?
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Now that the initial launch hype is over, where should I go to find Xbox 360 bundles/deals?
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I've been looking around for deals too. I don't think there are any, really. The initial hype may be over, but places are only recently getting consistant inventory. There are rumors that MS will lower the price of the 360 this fall, but the usual suspects report that MS says they have no plans for that. Why would they? There'll be hardly any PS3's (and Wii's) to be had, so 360's will be the "fallback" console. Sony sold a hajillion PS2's last December since that's all anybody could get. (Well, Gamecubes too, but I don't think Nintendo could give those away at this point.)

If you have Game Crazys near you (in Hollywood Videos) you can get 12 free rentals when you buy a 360. I think that's probably the best deal now. That and picking up used launch games cheap(er) on Ebay/Half/etc. that people are done with.
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If you're a member (or know one) of a warehouse store like Costco or Sam's, try there. I've seen a variety of bundles there ranging from "a bit off a game" to "two free controllers!". The bundles tend to cycle through, so it's hard to say what will be up for you when you're ready to buy.
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Ok then! Off to Best Buy I go.
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I saw this on Anandtech Hot Deals if you haven't gone to WorstBuy yet.
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$349 at Dell, before tax, with free ground shipping and the use of this coupon.
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