1st Anniversary Ideas in NYC
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Romantic and sweet 1st anniversary ideas in NYC?

Been dating a great girl with marriage potential and the year anniversary is coming up fast. The actual date is Monday July 10, but I figure the best bet is something during the preceeding weekend.
In addition to whatever plans I make I want to get her a gift, and of course I'm on a limited budget, so it can't be something very extravagant in price. So I turn to you, the hivemind, for suggestions on how to make it a memorable and beautiful occasion for her.
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Call me old-fashioned, but I think that a picnic in a rowboat in Central Park would be memorable and very romantic, not to mention reasonable in cost.
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Short of money, my then-boyfriend now- husband led me on a scavanger hunt through all the places we loved as a couple by leaving me cards giving me directions on the next place to go. It ended up with me meeting up with him at the place where we had our first date. He left little things for me at some of the stops, like a mix CD he made and a plastic tiara (because I was a princess that night). Granted, he proposed at the end of the night, but perhaps you could have the "main" gift for her instead.
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You might want to check out these two spots. I also second the picnic idea! Paley Park and GreenAcre Park. Both had waterfalls.

"Paley Park (53rd btw Mad & 5th) is a blissful cacophony - a wall of water meets you at the far end of the park. As you enter this sliver of public space, step by step the white noise of the water begins to engulf your experience and it becomes almost surreal as the taxis are clearly less than 20 yards away, but all noise ceases and all that exists is water down pebbled rock.

On to GreenAcre Park.(51st btw 2nd & 3rd).. Another waterfall, but this was a much more elaborate experience. Enter into a dark rock oasis with multiple levels. On the right an abstract stone fountainwith water flowing through a gentle geometric stream that steps down
toward the back wall and runs along the lower level seating. On the left there's an elevated covered seating arrangement and a stunning cherry blossom tree (i think that's it) . Delicate light flowers against the earthy stone and juxtaposed with a building in flux, covered by bright blue tarps. The main space itself is filled with
short tables and chairs, and we were all surprised that they weren't nailed down or chained together in any way. Trust was reigning in this space."

Or the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens or the Staten Island Botanical Garderns, esp the Chinese Scholar's Garden
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I love lemoncello's idea.

Another romantic place that is often overlooked is the Central Park Conservatory Garden at 105th St on the east side. It isn't huge, but has lovely formal english and french style parks. There are many benches in nooks and deep shade.
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If you've got a car, take the day off and drive up and spend the day in Woodstock, NY. Have lunch/dinner. Stroll around town and check out the shops. Check out some artsy stuff too. Hopefully it will stop raining sometime soon. :)
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