Digicam for a kid
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Digital camera for a kid?

For my niece...requirements:

1. inexpensive
2. not crappy (the two on Amazon have terrible reviews)

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you want a used camera
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What age is the niece? Define inexpensive? Sub $25? Sub $50? I'm sure if you search for digital cameras on ebay you'll find some damn good deals.
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This previous thread might be useful.
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thanks gnomeleaf! my askmefi search was too cursory :-)
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antifuse: my niece is turning 5, and sub $50 is the goal. ebay could give me some deals, but i'd like to find a camera geared towards kids, rather than a cheap normal one .
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Oddly enough, I love my KidzCam (the first amazon link). I paid $20 for it, and think it's worth every penny, specifically because it only cost pennies. When I'm going somewhere that I think would be rough on a camera, it's good for capturing the moment.
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I have a old HP digital camera from when I upgraded. My son has been taking pictures with it on a allmost daily basis since he was about 2.
He loves that he can see the pictures immediatly, and we don't have to print out those pictures of his finger in front of the lens.
The model he has is a 3.1 mp HP435
heres a ebay one that ends in 30 minutes for a good price and with a decent memory card

It has handeled numerous drops by both of our fumbling hands and still clicks away.
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I know nothing about it, but I was considering buying this for my son-- if only so that he won't want mine!


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Coeval's wife here: The Digital Camera class I teach for kids usually gets the Kodak Easy Share. My director got some 4 megapixel ones at Target at the recent father's day sale for around $88 each. They are sturdy. I am augmenting this with rechargeable batteries and I suggest that whatever camera you get, there should be a rechargeable battery option. (The Kodak EasyShare does video too, but has no sound.) Your price point requirements may vary.
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