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songfilter: I am trying to compile a CD of pop/rock tunes that uses the bagpipes or its assorted cousins including keyboard fakery to achieve a celestial set of tones that only squeezing a bladder with a mouthpiece can provide.

Besides, "Do you think I'm sexy" from So I Married an Ax Murderer , "Long Way to the Top" by AC/DC, the Church's "Under the Milky Way" and Big Country's "In a Big Country" what other pop/rock tunes can the green board suggest for bagpipe assisted seduction?
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In Extremo and Saltaltio Mortis play rock with bagpipes. [For the latter, try their album "Erwachen"; "Heptessenz" has a slightly less rockier feel.] Both of them base many of their songs off of medieval songs, but the music is definitely rock.
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Last track on Quasi's "Sword of God"—Rock And Roll Will Never Die, I think.
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Most of Dropkick Murphy's Do Or Die album has bagpipes. Its boston irish punk though, not sure if that quite fits what you need.
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On Slade's "Run Run Away", they used guitars in harmony to simulate bagpipes.
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Er, Saltatio Mortis. I can type, really, I swear. If you want individual song recommendations: For In Extremo, try "Spielmannsfluch," "Santa Maria," "Vollmond," or "Palastinalied," though many of their songs would fit. I'm not as familiar with their newer stuff, but I hear it's even more rock-based. For Saltatio Mortis: "Hor die Trommeln" or perhaps "Am Scheideweg."

For Celtic stylings, Cruchan is a Celtic metal band - I remember mostly tin whistle in their stuff, but there may be some bagpipe as well. There's of course Irish-American folk-punk - the Dropkick Murphys, Floggy Molly (uileann pipes rather than normal bagpipes), etc.
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I once saw a comedian play Van Halen's Eruption on bagpipes. It was fantastic! True story. That is all.
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Also in the same vein as Saltatio Mortis is Wolfstone. For non-bagpiped celtic excellence, I suggest Shooglenifty.
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For that special, late '80s feeling, allow me to add:

Rod Stewart, "Every Beat of My Heart"
Simple Minds, "Belfast Child"

Not sure how much seductive mileage you'd get with those two, however.
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"You're The Voice" by John Farnham
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Cruachan. Maybe I was wrong about the typing. Speaking of Celtic metal, I think some Skyclad tracks have bagpipes, along with the more common fiddle and tin whistle, though I can't for the life of me remember which albums I should be looking on. I don't think that Waylander or Primordial use any bagpipes, though I could be wrong.

Cultus Ferox's stuff is mostly a little less metal/rock than In Extremo, but "Skurkanas" or "Rans Horder" might work. Schattentanz's "Ein Blatt im Wind" and Cumulo Nimbus' "Wirtshaus" would probably be OK as well. [I found these on compilation albums, so they might be harder to find.] I don't have any Subway to Sally, but I'm told they're more or less like In Extremo & Saltatio Mortis. And of course, there're Tanzwut, side-project of the very traditional Corvus Corax, who play electronic music with rock and medieval bagpipes. Try "Der Traum," "Labyrinth," "Der Wächter," etc. There's also an album of electronic remixes of Corvus Corax's traditional stuff called "In Electronica."
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"Bigpipe Style" from Orbital's "Style" single (or "The Altogether" bonus disc).
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Best answer: The untitled track (#10) from Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.

And check out this wikipedia list.
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The Beatles's "Baby You're a Rich Man" has some interesting stuff.
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Best answer: "Oh La La" by The Faces has bagpipes in the end. (It's on the Rushmore soundtrack.)
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Anything by the Real McKenzies rocks hardcore to the max. A lot of newer Dropkick Murphys has bagpipes now that they have a full time piper. For a more raw punk rock sound with your bagpipes check out Blood or Whiskey. Cheers!
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Running with the fact the some metafiltarians can't tell the difference between Bagpipes and Uilleann Pipes - U2's Tomorrow, from the album October has always been a favourite of mine.

And given too that you don't mind fakery - it'd be worth listening to the works of Big Country from the 80s, which (almost) patented a creditable Bagpipe-esque sound which the wrung from their guitars.
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See, and if I read the question already, I'd know you knew about Big Country! ;-)
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try wings mull of kintyre
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I wouldn't say that it's particularly suited for "bagpipe assisted seduction", but some of Korn's stuff has bagpipes in (Shoots 'n' Ladders, from their selftitled album; possibly others)... it all depends on the kind of stuff your... um... target likes! :)
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Er, on the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire soundtrack, there are three songs attributed to Weird Sisters (a fictional band, played in the film by Jarvis Cocker and Jonny Greenwood among others), one of them, 'Dance Like a Hippogriff', has a bagpipe solo. It's not hugely seductive, though.
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omg, i can't believe i'm going to associate this with my name considering it's probably not even correct, but does celine dion's "my heart will go on" count?
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Joan of Arc by Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark
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Peter Gabriel: Biko.
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I have this album and was particularly thinking of the samba reggae and bagpipe cocktail called "Glenmalambo" by Scots-Brazilian fusion band Macumba.
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Queen, "Gimme the Prize," from the Kind of Magic album and Highlander soundtrack, has a Brian May solo that opens with a bit meant to sound like bagpipery.
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Response by poster: Keep the songs a coming, I am a reviewing and compiling as I type. I do agree that some songs are not "pop" enough or not standard seduction but who said I was into standard seduction?

Thanks to all the contributions so far.
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See albums by Arab Strap (I know there are songs on Monday at the Hug and Pint that do, and possibly some on the new album, The Last Romance).
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"Nothing's Alrite in our Life" from "East Hastings" from "f#a#∞" by Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Phew.
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“America No More” by The KLF.
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Kate Bush, Night of the Swallow
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They may not quite be pop enough, but you might want to give a listen to the Tartan Terrors. There are sample mp3s on their website.

Watching their dancers throw in traces of "YMCA", the Macarena and the Hustle into traditional Celtic step dancing...really, do see them live sometime!
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