Splicing Major Motion Pictures
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When all of those Brokeback Mountain-inspired trailers (i.e. Brokeback to the Future, Brokeback Heat, etc.) were coming out earlier this year, how were people getting the manipulatable versions of the films?

I have iMovie on my Mac. I'd like to mess around with 12 Monkeys and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid among others.

No, I am not making a fake trailer for Butch Cassidy and the 12 Monkeys.
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Best answer: Use Mac the Ripper to turn protected DVD data into unencrypted DVD data files on your computer. You will need between 4.5 and 7.5 GB of free disk space for this step.

MPEG Streamclip for OS X will let you bring in unencrypted footage from DVD files and convert it to DV format.

You can bring in DV files into iMovie by dragging them into the clip shelf portion of the editing window.
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I imagine a lot of them where using the hi-quality trailers from apple.com.
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They weren't getting the whole film.

Likely they were getting the trailer (or in the case of the shining, the dvd). If it's the trailer, most editing software reads quicktime files.

If it was the DVD, something like MacTheRipper, MPEGStreamclip (free), or DVDxDV, puts the video into a form that's editable.

Most of them were simply cross cutting addtional footage on top of the trailers.
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Best answer: I use Mac the Ripper mentioned above and ffmpegx to convert it.
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Response by poster: Excellent. Thank you.
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