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I recently decided to re-visit one of my favorite summer activities: making friendship bracelets. I am looking to a) remember some of the techniques I used to know b) learn new and interesting bracelet patterns.

I know the basics. I can make a flat band with diagonal stripes (knotting along a row of strings) and of course the tube-shaped striped pattern made by knotting around the entire bundle of strings. I once knew how to make designs in the band (like chevrons or fish). I also used to be able to do something involving loops over the fingers.

What interesting things to do with string can you teach me? (I have 12 skeins of embroidery thread ready to go...)
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Best answer: Friendship bracelet patterns with pictures/instructions

a Geocities site of patterns/instructions

I loved making these too. Thanks for the reminder. I think I might dig up my floss and make one for my son.
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I don't have a good answer, but this is an awesome question. I remember making ones that were sort of braided, but with loops on the end, so it made kind of a round braid.

That's not a good description. Sorry.
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There's Klutz book dedicated to friendship bracelets.
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Best answer: oh MAN i used to make dozens of these a year. i loved it. LOVED it.

anyway, here's a link to the alphabet.

Have fun!
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Tie all of your embrodiery thread in a knot at the top. You should have at least 4 strands 3-4 feet each.

Tie the top to something or tape it to a table.

As you have the strands in front of you, take the left most one

Place it across the string on the right of it at an angle so it looks like a number 4. then pull the end of the left string under the other and through the triangle of the 4. Two on each then you move next strand. You'll finish and the next color will be up to go. Repeat. A lot. Wear Guess jeans for extra nostalgia.
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