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Is there a way for my Blogger posts to simultaneously appear in a Myspace blog? Either a system which will post to both simultaneously or which will pull material from an RSS feed and drop it into myspace will do. Thanks very much.
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I bet there isn't, because if someone built one, I imagine MySpace would shut it down (fascinating cease and desist letter from MySpace). Considering they make their money on advertising, of course they're going to stop anything that will keep people from visiting the site.
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Try w.bloggar. its a desktop utility for blogging, has the ability to do postings to multiple sites. I dont know if it supports myspace, but it supports a lot of different blogging sites.
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Response by poster: w.blogger does support MSN Spaces but not MySpace. Nice try though.
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Because of the lack of such tools, I started putting together something that could sort of alleviate the whole thing by giving you a single place to consolidate all of your blog/social networking/picture sharing stuff..

I haven't worked on it in a while, but it is ready for basic use... it's called consolidentity, and I'd probably work a little more on it if someone saw it and said "hey, there's potential here, you should add xyz!" :-)
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I made a tool to generate RSS feeds of MySpace blogs and I get this question every few weeks in the comments of my original announcement of that tool. No real answers so far, because MySpace goes out of their way to prevent interop with other websites. MySpace is the AOL of Web 2.0. You could easily use my tool to post to Blogger from MySpace because Blogger has an open API, but you can't go the other way. MySpace doesn't want half of your baby publishing. It's all or nothing with Solomon MySpace.
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Response by poster: twiggy -- that looked good and I've seen similar, but it was so that I could have my blog in those two places not two blogs in one place. But thanks.
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