Any way to pillage photobucket a directory at a time?
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Is there any way to mass-grab photobucket galleries, instead of Save-As'ing ever image? Like something that you can put a URL into and it'll dump all the large images into a directory for you?

I've got XP. My face is going XP (as an emoticon) wondering how I could possibly grab all 441 of the images from one particular gallery without spending loads of time right-clicking.
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WinHTTrack will do it. I just tested it and it's pulling down all kinds of images.
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If you use Firefox, there's an extension called DownThemAll that will do this.
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If you use Firefox, you can get the DownThemAll! extension, which does exactly what you want.
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There's also the FlashGot Firefox extension, which works similarly.
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Thirding DTA, which is awesome.
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I was about to reccomend DTA, but everyone's beat me to it.
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I want DTA to have my babies; I love that extension so much.

Scrapbook is another good one (Firefox only).
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Nthing DTA! :)
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Actually, DTA does NOT work with Photobucket or Imageshack or some of the other similar services.

I just tested it on my own PB account to verify, and when using the option to download links to photos, it substitutes an htm file for each jpg.

i.e. I am trying to download a series of pictures starting, say with:

but instead of random01.jpg I get random.htm

Hope this makes sense.
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medelle: in that case, download the "links".

also, for other circumstances, you can tell it only to download certain file types, like .pdf files.

I 10th DTA.
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Also, things like flickr and co. do something with the images so they aren't in the page as normal- the image shows as a .htm, and doesn't behave like you'd expect. So... then I guess you look for a greasemonkey script that will fix the page to do it properly, and then DTA will work fine. :)
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I tried both WinHTTrack and DTA, but both failed me (or I failed them, perhaps, in not selecting the proper options most likely). Having realized what these types of programs were -- web spiders -- I realized that I already had experience with one such program, JOC Web Spider so I tried that and it worked just fine and didn't require me to install a browser-burgeoning plugin.

One of them (can't recall which) required me to already have a downloader program installed, and the one I have (Go!Zilla) wasn't one of the options. Forget that ;-P

I actually had in mind of some sort of image-stripping program that only took images (rather than pilfering everything including js/css/etc along with images). Such as something I could enter a URL into and how many steps deep the image-stripper explored and spit out a downloadable zip or sent them to a local direction littered with image-only content. *shrug* :-)
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Just to be nice, though, and for anyone checking this thread in the future, I faved all program suggestions, good or bad.
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WinHTTrack can be set up to crawl with filters, so you should be able to grab only the .jpg files. I'm surprised that it failed you when you tried it, because I think I was using it on default settings when it worked for me. Perhaps you didn't give it long enough to work? It took 10-15 minutes before it got to the actual pictures rather than thumbnails for me.
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