What non-BTTF 1980s time travel movie am I thinking of?
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Looking for a time travel film: I rented it in the early 90s but it seemed to be an 80s flick. Took place somewhere warm, probably CA to save on budget. I recall a strong element of family in it, but it's obviously not BTTF. I think it had two brothers (cousins? best friends?) heading back to the 1950s. I remember them in a nice old car with chrome and fins, but for all I know I may be making that up. It was as much drama as it was anything else. Sorry I don't have more to go on.
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Was there a scene where one of the boys tries to use a dollar bill printed in present day?
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Was it this one?
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Long shot maybe, but My Science Project?
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If so, I've been looking for this movie for quite a long time as well.
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Was it The Philadelphia Experiment? That's actually two navy guys from 1941 who end up in the 80's. I saw it ages ago.
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Oops, wsg beat me to it.
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Nope, not Phil. Experiment, though that was a fun movie. The one I'm thinking of doesn't have that grand a scope to it, it's "smaller".

It's also not "My Science Project". It doesn't have that much of a sci-fi element, and it involves characters around 30, not teens.

Also, it occurs to me that there might be no device involved. I don't remember how the jump happens but it might be a spontaneous jump, and they're not sure if they'll ever be able to return.
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One more thing: small possibility this was released between 1990-92.
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Er, it doesn't sound right, but Peggy Sue Got Married is a time travel movie made in the 80s, referencing the 60s...
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My first guess was Frequency, with Dennis Quaid, but it turns out not to have been released until 2000. Then I remembered Late for Dinner, which came out in 91. Hope that's it.
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Oh fer pete's sake. I bet it IS "Late For Dinner". And I have completely mis-remembered the plot.

Hopefully nobody ever puts me on the witness stand in court.

Thanks, jvilter!
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witchstone writes "Oops, wsg beat me to it."

Your forgiven, he was being obscurely clever.
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oops. Won't happen again.
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