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I'm trying to clean up my del.icio.us links...

After creating a number of tag bundles and deleting and renaming superflous tags, I still find myself wanting to straighten up my del.icio.us links a bit more. Specifically, I'd like to batch edit a number of links at a time; that is, I'd like to add/remove a tag from a number of links at once, but not necessarily all links marked with that tag. Is there a quick way to do this? I did find Delicer, but would prefer something that I didn't have to download. (In the spirit of being oh-so-meta, I have, of course, browsed del.icio.us links tagged "del.icio.us," as well as this page.)

Secondly, I've been using del.icio.us director for some time as it's been the only usable UI I've seen created for the service, but would like to hear from others on del.icio.us interfaces that they've found clean, compact, quick-loading, and feature-rich (e.g. ability to edit links from within the UI). Danke!
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Have you tried importing your del.icio.us bookmarks into Yahoo's MyWeb beta? I switched over to them when Yahoo bought del.icio.us a while back, it has some bulk editing options (though it seems to stop at 20 at a time).
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It's not easy to export MyWeb back to del.icio.us. Anyway, some people like Spurl as a front end. There are plans for mass-editing features inside del.icio.us eventually, though.
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