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Help me keep my feet dry!

I don't mind a bit of water, but my fancy business-appropriate pants are getting soaked with disgusting sidewalk runoff... I'm looking for some rainboots that are reasonably priced, comfy, and (here's the kicker) available in a US size 5.

Do such things exist, or should I just resign myself to staying inside until I'm finished with my ark? I don't care how silly-looking they are, as long as they're sufficient to do battle with Boston's giant puddles.
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I'm assuming women's US size 5? I'm the same size and it's so difficult to find proper shoes. I found these at a first glance, but you may want to check the children's section for better prices.

Good luck!
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These may be too odd looking but you will not get wet feet wearing them.


If anyone wants to share how to make a link alive,I would be grateful.
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- Type out a label for your link, highlight the label, click on the link button below and then put the link url into the pop-up window.
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Have you tried zappos.com? You can search by size, style, etc. They ship very quickly, with free return shipping.

For example, I found these in a search for womens, size 5, pull on casual boots. I think they're kind of cute in the aquamarine color!
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Neos Overshoes. Available in small.
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Crocs Georgie boots, in lots of colors and small sizes, cheap, and judging from their clogs and sandals, probably super-lightweight and comfy.


(What link button? Maybe not in Safari?)
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Writing a link:

What you want the link to say

What you want the link to say
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it worked in preview, never mind.
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If you lack the button (which should be just below the text entry window on the right) then you can use the href tag in html.

<a href="http://www.testurl.com">Tag Label</a>

should give you:

Tag Label

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