north New Brunswick & Gaspe Peninsula
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What are the “must see & experience” sights, eating experiences, photo stops, etc. in northern New Brunswick, then around the Gaspe Peninsula, along Bais des Chaleurs, east through Perce, Gaspe, west to Matane, Quebec and finally south to Cambellton, NB?
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Well, obviously the Roche Percé is on your list. I also quite enjoyed Forillon park, be sure to keep an eye out for fossils, I found a lovely trillobyte the size of my fist last time I was there. Oh, and on the way to Percé from Forillion (other the opposite direction) you'll find excellent stones for skipping in the ocean, I think my record was 14 skips.
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I went on a fantastic whale watching trip out of Trois Pistoles (or was it Riviere du Loup?) several years ago, and it was fantastic. Equally cool was watching for whale spouts from the shore.

The best food was found at the numerous casse croutes along the highway--some fabulous eclairs. However, I found that the farther east you go from Quebec city, the more British the food becomes--think lots of beans and bacon, all drenched in maple syrup. Good the first day, but gets a bit old as the tour progresses. Be sure to gorge yourself on cheese (especially squeaky curds, sold everywhere), ice cream, poutine, and smoked fish.
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