Marred Marble?! Help!
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Marble Countertop Help! It seems that the finish/sealant/coating has bubbled or otherwise created a white spot on the black marble countertop in our house. What would've caused this? How can we fix it? The countertop is man-made black marble, and there's now a white spot on the top marring the perfect marble-ness.
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Sounds like an epoxy sealant was applied incorrectly, and a bubble of air or water got underneath. Marble/granite can be repaired by sanding and resealing. You'll need a professional.
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Stain it black with pigment concentrate.(the stuff paint stores use to tint paint)
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Cultured marble is a composite product of actual marble dust mixed with a binding product. The surface is sanded incredibly smooth and coated with a special "gel" finish that is durable and waterproof... but not indestructible. The surface is susceptible to scratching, burns and is affected by some chemicals... most notoriously nail polish remover!

You could try this

I would talk to a local bath repair shop or cultured marble supplier . I have had a firm from Toronto do some on site repairs for me and you would not have known the difference.The repairs were on large already installled shower units so the cost was justified ..that being 2/3 the cost of a full replacement.
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