Apartments in Houston?
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Can anyone recommend a safe, pleasant apartment community in southeast Houston (possibly between Pearland and League City or somewhat north of there -- we wouldn't want to go much further south). My husband and I are looking to sign a 6 month lease (we'll be househunting in the meantime) for a 3bd, 2ba apartment for $1100/mo or less.

I'm thinking that this budget should be reasonable to find a nice place, and I've found some possibilities on the various apt listing sites, but personal recommendations are always best, since those listings are effectively mere advertisements that aren't going to give us the full story on these places. We're both young professionals (mid 20s) and will be moving in with a new baby.
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Do you need it to be south of Pearland, or would closer in to the city be okay/preferrable?

Actually, for that location, you might consider buying from the get-go. Housing out there is very inexpensive, and rent generally is not cheap enough to make it worthwhile if you're going to stay in the area for more than 3 years or so.
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I grew up north of Pearland and my parents still live there. Last time I check it wasn't an area I'd recommend due to gang activity and crime rate. There was a hope it would pick up and become popular with younger couples like the Heights, but that hasn't happened. There are probably nice niche neighborhoods in that area but I don't know them off the top of my head.

Pearland itself is a boomtown, I barely recognize it. If you want a new home you may want to look there.

The Houston Architecture Info Forum is full of people who follow the ins and outs of all the smaller neighborhoods, you may want to post your question there.

Also, HAR is a great resource for house hunting.HCAD will help you look up tax rates and appraisal values and TSAP will help you look up the flood maps revised since Tropical Storm Allison.
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I'd prefer to be outside of Houston itself only because we want to begin to get familiar with the SE area, which is where we'll be househunting. We can't buy "from the get go" because we don't have the luxury of checking out the area before we get down there -- so we need a short term place to live while we find a house, and we thought 6 months was reasonable to find something without rushing into a purchase.

Thanks for the rec to the HAIF -- I am familiar with it, but I haven't posted there yet. I've spent a ton of time running searches on HAR -- and I agree ... it is a great resource!

Still hoping for specific recommendations to apartment complexes -- anyone???
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