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What can I do with some old, tiny, memory cards? I recently purchased a new digital camera to replace my near-broken model. When I purchased the camera, I also picked up a 512 MB SecureDigital card. Previously, I used a 32MB card with my older camera. The camera also came with a 16MB MMC Card.

I'm really not sure what to do with them, short of tossing them. I don't really want just throw them away. I've got a Thumbdrive (256MB), so that rules out using them as mass storage. Selling them on eBay doesn't seem to be worth the trouble. Any ideas?
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Keep them around for JUST IN CASE backup? Store private documents on them hidden around the house, also JUST IN CASE (w/encryption, obviously).

I actually have the same problem and I just keep them around in my change bowl. :)
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Freecycle them.
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A 32 MB card is big enough to do a backup of many PDAs.
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I use those useless 16MB SD cards that come with cameras in iPaqs for additional memory.
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Well, I lack a PDA. I know some cell phones can use SD or MMC cards to upgrade their memory, but not mine.
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using freedos or the like, they make a nice (and much more flexible) alternative to floppy disks for upgrading firmware of motherboard, video card, cd/dvd rom, camera, etc. (or other arcane tasks that requite booting into dos.) assuming you have a card reader that your computer can boot from.

or you could install e.g. ntpasswd (or a very small linux distro like dsl or puppy?) on it to make a small but decent forensic tool.
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Go out and buy a JuiceBox for < $20 and build yourself a a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/tv/6694555/in/pool-make/">Photo frame?
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If you don't have a PDA or phone that can use those cards, perhaps you know someone who does who might like a free memory card to use in it...
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Current value of 32MB SD: ~$15.00 USD
Current value of 16MB MMC: ~$6.00 USD

As both items are used, figure less than $20.00 USD.

I'm sure someone on craigslist would be willing to barter a music CD or some books for the cards.
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I second the idea of putting documents on them - not just private ones, but documents period. In fact, I think I have an 8mb SD lying about someplace. I've been using writely to write/store all the class papers I've written over the last semester and a half or so but having them only stored online always made me a bit nervous. I'm gonna go back up as much as I can on that card right now. Thanks for the inspiration!
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Sony had a Floppy -> Memory Stick adapter for it's Mavica cameras... is there such a beast for other cards as well? I don't think there were any special drivers, but that was a long time ago, and I may have forgotten... but I can't help but think that a 32 meg floppy would always be useful to have around.
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not a floppy adapter per se but they do make SD card readers that are the same form factor as your average USB memory stick.
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Oh man that ebay auction cracks me up. $1 Buy-it-now with $8 shipping.

I bought one of these from here . It came to a grand total of $3.50 including shipping. The vendor seemed a little fishy (and when it arrivied it looked like it had been air-mailed from the back of a van in China or some other locale whose characters I cannot read) but, hey, it got here fast and was exactly what it said it would be.
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