Thunderbird email junk filter won't filter
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Thunderbird email junk filter thingy was working fine at first now 6 months or so later--it's not getting rid of mails that I have designated as junk--what happened?
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This happens to me sometimes too. It marks it as spam but doesn't put it in the trash or spam folder. I don't know why. It usually seems to fix itself when restarting or something.
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My understanding is that TBird users need to "retrain" the junk mail filter from time to time. This AskMe thread had some good info, and this site has some more detailed instructions .
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If it's correctly marking them as junk, but not automatically deleting them, make sure it's still set to auto-delete them.

Using Thunderbird 1.5 Beta 1 on WinXP:

Click Tools-Junk Mail Controls
Select the account from the dropdown
Select the Settings Tab

Select there what you want to do with the spam -- usually "Move incoming messages determined to be junk to" the junk folder on that account.

Also, the "Retrain Filter" option is on that same screen, under the "Adaptive Filter" tab.
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